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- 18th October 2016 -

Pattern at its Best

Last year Fells decided to “boldly go” where no flooring company had been before – re-branding and overhauling its presentation in dramatic style with some of the most eye-catching and innovative point of sale in the industry. It’s worked well for them with a lot of renewed interest in the company.

That kind of courage shows through in Fell’s commitment to distinctively different carpets and their new ranges at Harrogate proved a major draw. A key innovation is a new “tactile yarn” that is woven into the fabric to give it a textured effect that aligns with the carpet pattern itself – like the registered embossed treatment that’s so authentic in LVT.

Isadora Wilton

New Isadora Wilton uses a mixture of frieze and fine heatset yarn to help define a tile effect texture with a Morrocan motif that is becoming a fashionable trend in interiors. Textured tartan is another novel application. Then there’s Studio Wilton which uses sparkly and shrink yarns for a sculptured effect. “These are interesting, stand-out products for retailers to have in their stores to get attention,” said Carl Cummings. “This is pattern at its best – strong and inspirational for people who want to do something different with their floor.”