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- 31st January 2016 -

DOMOTEX Flooring Show 2016

Domotex in Hanover, the world’s largest flooring show always offers inspiration and helps to give us a guide to what trends and styles will emerge through the year. This year our focus was to look closely at styling through the rug and square sector. This gives us an idea of what colour and texture combinations could be popular and desired by our retailers and more importantly our consumers.

This year we viewed a strong emphasis on texture with many products offering high and low yarns, a mixture of fibre lengths and thicknesses was also very evident to give enhanced texture options.

DEMOTED Flooring Show 2016

With over 17 halls to walk through the offer on show this year surpassed all other years, it was very evident that many suppliers were moving to softer yarns. With the strength of the AW Isense products, many were innovating and being inspired into softer offerings. This was also seen in Rugs and patterned carpet.

With regard to design, we were offered many products that were just the same as previous visits and in some cases we found some suppliers being left behind. Thankfully we managed to find the innovators amongst them.

Contemporary design was strong and this forces bravery when putting a broadloom collection together.

DEMOTED Flooring Show 2016

Spanish tile and other tile designs were being promoted and we continue to see Patch work design.

DEMOTED Flooring Show 2016

DEMOTED Flooring Show 2016

Colour was pushing away from browns to grey still leaving a mass of beige still popular. Grey was appearing in every collection and on every stand, some Grey tones pushing towards the purple spectrum (Greyple). The immerging colour seems to be Steel blues and grey tones pushing towards blue. Certainly on the high street these tones are strong in all areas of fashion.

Time will tell if we go full on into the stronger blues but my prediction following the show, is that colour will hold on the grey side of blue.